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Pussy galore: Why 2017 is the year of the cat

The man in charge, and consequently cat-fancier-in-chief, is Steven Meserve, 42, an affable PR company director, originally from the US, but resident in London for 20 years and owner of the world’s highest ranking kitten – a doe-eyed American shorthair with the unlikely moniker, Mowgleaves Stonehenge (Mowgleaves being his breeder’s name, Stonehenge because he is British).
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The return of the Family Pet Show

The LondonCats Show is a spectacle in the honour of our furry loved ones, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to get to know their favourite breeds such as Persian, British Shorthair and Maine Coons. Visitors will also be able to discover a world of more exotic and rare breeds such as Bengals, Sphynx and the only UK LYKOI or “Werewolf cat”. But the Cat World is not exclusive to feline owners; Academy 4 Dogs has kindly sponsored a dog crèche for all dog owners to enter the CAT WORLD and enjoy The LondonCats Show.
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LondonCats show exhibits purrfect felines with “werewolf cat” and never-before-seen Marguerite

The LondonCats show is a spectacle in the honour of our furry loved ones , providing visitors with a unique opportunity to get to know their favourite breeds such as Persian, British shorthair and Maine Coons.

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New breed among highlights of LondonCats show in Surrey

A new breed of cat descended from a wild African species is set to be among the highlights of an exhibition showcasing the finest of felines.
Three Marguerites will make their debut at the International LondonCats show in Surrey this weekend.
The animals are descended from a desert-dwelling sand cat and have the appearance of the wild breed, but are domestic pets.

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Fans flock to see rare ‘werewolf cat’ at London cat show

It may look like the stuff of nightmares – perhaps the baddie in the latest Disney animal cartoon or an evil wizard’s malign pet – but this is in fact the cat of the moment.
While more traditional cat lovers may prefer the classic Siamese or Persian, those looking for something startling in their feline are turning to the Lyoki – otherwise known as a ‘werewolf cat’.

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Katzenworld to attend LondonCats show in Leatherhead 7th & 8th of January 2017

We have once again booked ourselves onto an upcoming cat show! This time around we are attending one of the fabulous cat shows organised by LondonCats in Leatherhead, Surrey on the 7th & 8th of January 2017.
We are very much looking forward to the show and will make sure to bring along a selection of cat toys, treats and of course our Katzenworld merchandise.

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Leatherhead to host world cat show featuring ‘werewolf’ contestant

For the second year running a world-famous cat show will be hosted in Leatherheadbringing more than 200 felines together under one roof.
An American-based cat organisation, The International Cats Association (TICA), hosts more than 1,000 cat shows a year.

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What to book: International LondonCats Show

More than 220 cats spanning over 50 breeds will be at the show, ranging from Persians, British Shorthairs and Maine Coons to Bengals, Sphynxes and the UK’s only Lykoi, or ‘werewolf cat’. Mowgleaves Stonehenge, an American Shorthair famous as the world’s highest-ranking kitten, will also be on site, now competing in the adult category in his quest to win the international ‘best cat’ title.

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Werewolf Cats Drawing Crowds at London Cat Show

Time to get spooky and sweet. Lyoki cats, an emerging kind of cat for the past several years, are the belle of the ball at this year’s LondonCats show, an event created to show off rare cat breeds, according to The Telegraph.

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