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Communications & Events | Pet Industry

We are a professional, high-end luxury pet communications and events company. Our incisive market insight enables us to develop the right positioning and strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

At LondonCats,
we offer a variety of expertise to meet your needs

We support brands with our global marketing communications and business strategies,  organise events and pet shows that pet enthusiasts and owners alike can participate in and engage with an ever-growing community of pet-lovers.

A Unique Approach
From Brand to Individual

Whether you are a brand starting out in industry, have a project in mind to launch or simply a pet enthusiast, we deliver luxury pet communications and events services par excellence, true to your needs and expectations.



Our Expertise

World-class PR and digital marketing is at the heart of LondonCats. What we value the most is sincerity; we work closely with our brands so we can live, breathe and understand their business and projects inside out. We deliver the following to you:
  • Build relationships with key targets
  • Manage media relations
  • Organise flagship industry events
  • Execute consultations and campaigns

Steven Meserve

Events & Communications

Kiko Gaspar

Marketing & Communications

Akta Bavalia

Marketing & Communications

We can help you with any project

Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination

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